Zoom Support

One on one support is available weekdays in 15 minute slots. You can view available slots and book an appointment here.

Zoom support will be available from the 16th of September to the 16th of October

Community Facebook Group and Direct Chat

This is a community hub where you can post images and videos from your project, ask questions, and connect with others. Both FLIP//BOOK admins and community members can help with technical and creative questions you may have. Admin members will also we posting announcements on the group.

Additionally, if you would prefer a private direct chat the FLIP//BOOK Facebook page is the best way to start that conversation.


Q. Do I need to be available when the classes go live?

A. Not necessarily, the classes are primarily video based, with live-support and Q&As for the week following, so as long as you do the class within 3 days of it premiering you should be able to still get support and have time to work on your project between each class. Otherwise, it is very flexible, and the videos will remain indefinitely online free to the public. However, we believe you'll get the most from the course if you keep up to date and do each class within 3 days of it premiering.

Q. How skilled do I need to be to participate?

A. This short course has been designed to be flexible and less about upskilling, and rather about enriching your creative practice through animation techniques and methodologies. So with this in mind we have technical content to support participants who have never used these applications, this way everyone can follow and understand the artist practices without being too caught up in the technical. In other words, some of the core content that the artists are contributing involves basic understanding of each application (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D) and that's why each class will have a video or two dedicated to making sure everyone is on the same playing field and no one is excluded from these classes based on experience.

Q. What do I need to have to receive an educational licence for Cinema 4D?

A. As long as you have a student ID that has an expiry date that hasn't yet passed you'll be able to get an educational license here.

We have organised a limited amount of Cinema 4D licenses for participants who aren't students or teachers, since it's limited we need to be considerate in how we allocate them, so we don't run out, that's why we want to make sure participants who are students/teachers get the existing free educational license that runs for 3 months longer than the ones we can offer to participants.

Q. What the rough time commitment per week is for the course?

A. The video content/component of the course will be approximately 2 hours each week, for the weeks involving applications you have never used before there is additional content to get a base understanding of the application and for those weeks you should allocate an extra 30 minutes for Adobe applications and roughly 90 minutes for Cinema 4D. Between classes, you should allocate roughly 3 hours to further your video project and get live-support if necessary. So to surmise, a minimum of 3 hours should be allocated each week, but to get the most from the course I would recommend 4-5 hours, however, these hours are largely flexible to fit in throughout the week.

Q. Are there any specific articles or websites that you recommend before beginning this course?

A. Yes, we will be issuing further readings, exercises and experiences in advance of the course and between classes. These will be available on the website once it launches, the same page as where each class will take place. We will notify participants once they are available.

Important Dates

15th September Class 1

22nd September Class 2

29th September Class 3

6th October Class 4

20th November Zoom support closes